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Are you looking to start selling your goods and services online?
You might be interested in our e-commerce web design package. This package will have your online shop up and on the internet, selling products before you know it!

It is a lot easier to set up e-commerce online shops than most people think. If you are selling a small range of products, we can easily set up an online shop for a minimal cost using PayPal. For such a shop there are no monthly fees: PayPal will take a small percentage fee for each transaction.

We provide an array of eCommerce features such as:

  1. Unlimited Category
  2. Unlimited Products
  3. Products Compare
  4. Product Wishlist
  5. Product Stock Inventory
  6. Shopping cart
  7. Multilingual functionality
  8. Secure environment for making transactions
  9. Different shipping methods
  10. Different payment methods
  11. Secure environment for making transactions
  12. E-mail marketing tools
  13. Affiliate management tool
  14. Blog (Optional)